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Politics Features

The House Minority Leader on the midterms, impeachment, her own party, sexism and the sexist-in-chief

Tim Dickinson


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Eric Thayer/The New York Times/Redux

As the countdown to November commences, with Democrats desperate for a moonshot, Nancy Pelosi sits atop a three-stage rocket, full of possibility and danger. If all goes according plan, the first stage, fueled by America’s revulsion to Trump, will lift Democrats to control of the House. The second stage, powered by a robust Democratic majority, returns Pelosi to her perch as Speaker of the House. The final stage – perhaps the most combustible – sees her unifying a fractious Democratic caucus to check President Trump and deliver on sky-high voter expectations.

inRead invented by Teads

Executing this launch sequence would tax the powers of any politician. Pelosi’s task is made more difficult by the ideological divides roiling her own party, and by a GOP that has made her the face of its attacks on Democratic candidates. Pelosi is unique among current congressional leaders in being weaponized against her team – she’s been featured in more than 16,000 attack ad airings through May. “We haven’t seen the Republican leaders singled out in this sort of way,” says Erika Franklin Fowler, a director of the Wesleyan Media Project, which tracks political ads.

Pelosi is one of the most powerful women in global politics. She gets credit for securing passage of much of the legislation in the Obama legacy, including the Recovery Act, Wall Street reform and especially the Affordable Care Act. “Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most transformational figures in the modern Democratic Party,” says Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez. Pelosi also spearheaded the takeover of the House a dozen years ago in 2006 – an achievement that has become fodder for her critics. “Leader Pelosi has talked about how we need to do what we did in 2006,” says Rep. Seth Moulton, an ambitious Massachusetts Democrat who argues for a “new generation” of House leadership. “I mean, we barely had iPhones in 2006 – it was a different world.”

After the defendant's case in chief, the plaintiff may move for a directed verdict on any of the defendant's affirmative defenses and counterclaims. The motion is identical to a defendant's motion for a directed verdict, except that the judge will consider the defendant's evidence in the light most favorable to the defendant. If the defendant has offered evidence to support all of the elements of her Affirmative Defense or counterclaim, the plaintiff's motion for directed verdict is denied. Finally, either party may make a motion for directed verdict after the close of all evidence. Again the judge considers the evidence in the light least favorable to the party making the motion and decides whether Wiki Visit For Sale Crevo Black Suede Chelsea Boot Free Shipping Shop Offer Clearance The Cheapest 0zXGUy4jfS
evidence supports the nonmoving party's claims.

Closing Arguments After both sides have rested, the attorneys give their closing arguments. During closing arguments, the attorneys attempt to persuade the jury to render a verdict in their clients' favor. Typically, the attorneys tell the jury what the evidence has proved, how it ties into the jury instructions (which the attorneys and judge agreed upon in a conference held before closing arguments), and why the evidence and the law require a verdict in their favor. Because closing arguments provide the attorneys with their last chance to persuade the jury, the closing arguments often provide the most dramatic moments of a trial. Closing arguments typically last 30 to 60 minutes, although they can take much longer.

In most jurisdictions, the plaintiff argues first and last. That is, the plaintiff argues first, then the defendant argues, and then the plaintiff makes a rebuttal argument. Actually, the party with the Clearance Really Trainers green rosemary Sast Cheap Price 2018 New Online BZp5OTZccG
usually argues first and last. This is almost always the plaintiff, but sometimes the only issues remaining for the jury to decide are affirmative defenses or counterclaims raised by the defendant. Also, a few jurisdictions allow only one argument per side, and in a few of these, the defendant argues first, plaintiff last.

Jury Instructions After the attorneys have completed their closing arguments, the judge instructs the jury on the law applicable to the case. In most jurisdictions the judge will both read the instructions and provide written instructions to the jury. A few jurisdictions only read the instructions. The jury will also be given verdict forms. On the verdict form, the jury will indicate how it finds on each of the claims presented during the trial. Sometimes the jury may be given a special verdict form asking how the jury finds on a specific issue of fact or law. The jury instructions normally last ten or 15 minutes, although they may take much longer in complex cases.

Jury Deliberations and Verdict After the judge has finished instructing the jury, the jury retires to the jury room to begin deliberations. At this time the alternate jurors are dismissed, although some jurisdictions allow the alternate jurors to participate in deliberations. The court bailiff brings the exhibits and written instructions to the jury room and safeguards the jury's privacy during deliberations.

I can at present think of no definition that would fulfill everyone’s desire to differentiate planets by size. You have Gas Planets, verses Stoney Planets but that is just a condition of atmospheric density which could include Venus as a gas planet, Earth as a Stoney. Luna is at least a planetiod. If I were to devise divide of planets from planetiods I would use the ability to retain an Atmosphere with a tropohause is required for a planet which would make Mars, Mercury and Pluto planetoids, Luna, Titan, etc. are plantoids as well as being satellite…pg

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Plutinos sharing the same or similar semi major axis as Pluto (39.3 AU): These are just the brightest ones.

No such list can be drawn up for Earth. – – – By extrapolating from the limited area of the sky so far examined, we have estimated that the number of Plutinos larger than 100 km diameter is 1400, to within a factor of a few, corresponding to a few % of the total.

Here, Pluto is in the blue (resonant) group just inside the 40 AU line. Maison Martin Margiela Replica sneakers Blue Brand New Unisex For Sale yS2Uxkw
[one page pdf]

There are at least 70,000 “trans-Neptunians” with diameters larger than 100 km in the radial zone extending outwards from the orbit of Neptune (at 30 AU) to 50 AU. [Pluto is in the middle of that zone] For Sale For Sale Clearance Online Saucony Kineta Relay 2018 Cheap Sale Clearance Pay With Visa Reliable cznpVZ

May 8, 2018 at 9:23 am

Dave Jewitt (see above) also notes: Some non-resonant KBOs have inclinations much higher than the Plutinos and this is a dynamical surprise, for which no single, clear explanation currently exists.

That probably brings us back to Planet 9 theories. – – – For perspective…

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Support here for EM Smith’s view:

Researchers Explain Why Pluto Is a Planet Scientists criticized the choice adopted by the convention of the International astronomical Union in 2006.

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– – – Again, the problem is: if a different definition were to be adopted, which of the current ‘dwarf planets’ should be promoted to planet, which not, and why (were those criteria used)?

May 10, 2018 at 7:36 am

I’ve already shown how the use of diameter lets you have the same outcome as now, but with a clean definition. Not one where “little junk” determines what is a planet.

Over 4000 km = planet; then Pluto, Eris, Ceres etc. ALL stay dwarf planets. So 8 planets.





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